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Viva3D Pro download:


To download and activate the Viva3D Pro software, please pay the registration fee.

By registering as a user we can better support your needs.

Please contact us for any special requirements such as rebranding.


2D applications with 3D effects are available completely free, and do not require activation or registration: full support is available.

All applications are highly stable and designed for 24x7 embedded or desktop application.



Viva3D Pro's core executable files of C++ binary are similar in size to 3D Studio Max, however, the support DLLs are over 30 MB of C++ binary.  In addition, there is a large number of 3D text meshes, raising the total up to over 62 MB when compressed.

The 3D sample content is over 500MB compressed as it contains large textures and models.



1a. Viva3D Pro full version for computer or tablet with modern GPU : please register and pay the activation fee.

1b. Use GPU Caps Viewer to check that your system has OpenCL 1.1+ installed: download CapsViewer

1c. Download the DirectX 3D full installation from Microsoft here.  This is required on all systems.

1d. Download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package (x86) from here

1e. Viva3D installation instructions.

1f. 3D sample content - must be extracted to C:\VP3D\ - not for comercial use: download. Size 500 MB

1g. Microsoft Database Engine + ODBC support files here




ViewPoint2D + 3D effects for Windows & Linux under WINE (no activation required)


2a. ViewPoint 2D Digital Signage & Transport FIDS/TIDS: MSI  ZIP. Size 3 MB

2b. ViewPoint 2D installation instructions.

2c. 2D sample content, including digital signage and airport FIDS. Size 84 MB

2d. If needed, download latest support files from Microsoft here (install for Visual Studio VC++ 2010 & 2013)

2e. Microsoft Database Engine + ODBC support files here

3. ViewPoint 2D Software user manual Nov 2016 here.



Content samples


1. See the latest and FREE ViewPoint2D in action here!

2. Sample clip of 2D video converted to Dimenco 3D format : download   (Click to open, or Right-click to Save) Size 14 MB




You will need video codecs from these sites:



Note: These codecs are already installed on all ePC computers.


For support please contact:-