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Create stunning 3D Presentations, Movies & Digital Signage in minutes! Version 2.411 now available!

ViewPoint 2D Free Software has been installed in many major airports and also retail and restaurant chains (more):-


* ViewPoint-3D software allows users to quickly produce TV Studio style Presentations, 2D and 3D movies, animated digital signage and even games with live-data 3D content at resolutions up to QHD (3840 x 2160), and with direct drive 3D output to glasses and no glasses displays.  Drive your glasses-free WOWvx or Autostereoscopic monitor directly with ViewPoint-3D as easily as using a standard 2D presentation software.

 See the Products page and ViewPoint-3D on YouTube.

* New 4K ViewPoint-3D Brochure ViewPoint-3D
* embedded Digital Signage computer brochure*

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Using a drag-and-drop interface, stunning 3D content and animations with real-time data-controlled scenes can now be created in minutes.

Instantly produced playback of high defintion 3D presentations can now be achieved on computers equipped with low-cost Graphics Processors.

Data, text, images and video within the 3D scene content can be updated without the need for re-editing, reducing costs and keeping content fresh.

With ViewPoint anyone can start producing spectacular 3D content with stunning effects after following a 15-minute step-by-step tutorial video.

ViewPoint 3D drives the LuxTV channel for shopwindow advertising.

* ViewPoint
is compatible with all 2D and 3D screens and projectors, including glasses-free 2D+Depth, WOWvx and other multi-view formats, and can directly drive Autostereoscopic displays, including from Alioscopy and Dimenco.

* ViewPoint 3D
can render autostereoscopic sub-pixel formats directly up to FQHD resolution at 120 FPS or higher rates using standard GPU technology.

Advanced data and graphics facilities make it easy to create complex data visualisations for almost any application.

Every week new exciting facilities are released, from surface reflections to environment mapping, and ready-to-use studio-quality animations.

Using ViewPoint 3D allows you to produce better content at much lower cost.

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